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The Crisis & Your Mental Health

To say times are scary at the moment would be an understatement. The Coronavirus has swept through the world like a mighty wind. The best way to describe this time for us is like waiting for a snow storm without ever experiencing the snow. We are waiting for the big hit, and anxiously preparing for our daily routines to be disrupted. Except, with the pandemic at hand, we do not know the time nor hour, we will be able to resume regular life.

For many, the burden of becoming ill is not all that we have to worry about. The very thought of not having a job, losing a loved one, or not having food for our children to eat is enough to send us into instant panic. Healthcare workers are being stretched beyond measure, store shelves have been ravished, food & beverage industries have been forced to close, and schools & universities have shut down across the nation; leaving many hopeless, jobless and resourceless. Now, combine those factors into one big ball and our minds & emotions become completely overwhelmed.

We, here, at The Tutelage Group want you to know that we are thinking of you. Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, but we are in this together! Here are four helpful tips from The National Alliance on Mental Illness website to utilize while operating during this time:

1. Remember that knowledge is power- Educate yourself on exactly what is taking place with the pandemic.

2. Don’t accept everything you read or hear- Be mindful of how much information you are processing, but be sure to listen to sources that are credible.

3. Get your emotional support system in place- Don’t be afraid to contact a close friend or a professional counselor to process your current emotional state.

4. Take control and incorporate preventative measures- If you are experiencing cabin fever, try taking a walk in the park, sitting on your balcony or picking up your favorite snack to enjoy at home. Please utilize personal discretion and maintain safe, personal hygiene.

To read the full guide, please visit the link below:

We encourage you to take these tips to heart, remember to breathe and stay safe!

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