We exist to improve the quality of service in behavioral health treatment and coordination through tailored trainings, guided consultation, coaching and mentoring services.



Quality Consumer Care Starts With COMPETENCY! 

As a behavioral health organization, do you have a written training or competency schedule to guide your organization to success in the next 12 months?


Can you clearly and confidently advise your behavioral health staff and consumers on how to navigate through the service cycle?




Our goal is to be an a.S.S.E.T.

We Seek to



Systems to

Elevate and


Your Individual or Organizational Practices Through Education.


Does your business need attention?


Identify the area of focus or perceived interest:

Soft Skill Development

Leadership Skills



Comprehension/ Retention Strategies


Increase Consumer Success Rates


Increase Reliable Revenue


Identify current organizational management systems that yield desired results & those that diminish productivity.


Develop new innovative educational and organizational systems/strategies that expand the organizations' vision.


We can help.




Are you a behavioral health professional experiencing difficulty comprehending and completing service documents?  


Documents such as; ISP's, Quarterlies, Treatment Plans,Progress Notes, Assessments or Service Authorization Requests?


Do you need tips and tools to help you complete these documents in a timely fashion?  


We will provide thorough one to one training to assist, equip and prepare you for success in your service documentation.




 Would you like to schedule a workshop for your organization or a one on one session?





 Ms. Ham is a Licensed Master Social Worker and a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Currently, she serves as a field instructor for Bachelor and Master’s level social work students at local universities. She mentors youth at Six Points Innovation Center and other local community organizations. Her passion is development and comprehension in intrapersonal, interpersonal and organizational systems. She enjoys seeing students and learners express light bulb moments that transform their vision and practices. Ms. Ham specializes in supportive counseling and training, therapeutic mentoring, psychoeducation for individuals and families related to mental health and medical disorders and organization planning and development.

Patrice Wyatt, LCSW earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She specializes in organizational development and consulting, focusing on how the workplace and its structure, policies, process improvement, and interpersonal relationships all affect the consumers it serves.


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